The Mid-West Hackney Futurity offers one of the largest futurities for Hackney ponies in the world. It is a "true futurity" in that the sire and dam must be registered in the American Hackney Stud Book or the Canadian Registry and must be nominated in the Mid-West Futurity by April 10th of the year the foal is born.  The foal must then be nominated by May 31st in order to be eligble. The resulting foal must be kept eligible each year by paying a yearly nomination fee.  The Mid-West Futurity offers classes for weanlings through 3 year olds.  Jackpot classes for 4 and 5 year olds are also offered for ponies that have been kept eligible through their younger years.
The Mid-West Hackney Association began with a small group of interested breeders and trainers in 1954 with the goal of promoting the showing of the Hackney pony at shows in the Midwest.  The first futurity classes were held at the 1955 Illinois State Fair and continue to be held there today.  The first futurity offered four classes and had 33 ponies that made final payments.  The premiums in each of the four classes were as follows: 
1st:  $241.00
2nd:  $180.75
3rd:  $ 90.38
4th:  $ 60.25
5th:  $ 30.12
The Mid-West Hackney Futurity has grown over the years to now offer 17 classes for weanlings through three year olds, jackpot classes for ponies four and five years old that have been kept eligible through their younger years, a junior exhibitor weanling showmanship class and new in 2007, is an amateur unshod weanling class.  The prize money paid in the 2017 futurity for weanlings through three year olds is as follows:
1st: $1,120.60
2nd: $  700.37
3rd: $  420.22
4th: $  289.15
5th: $  140.07
6th: $   70.04
7th: $   70.04
8th: $   70.04
The first place payouts in the 4 and 5 year old jackpot classes ranged from $378.00 to $714.00-- in 2017.
A Limited Breeder's Class was also added in 2017 with the auction for stallion services held in 2016.  The payouts for the weanlings in this class are as follows:
1st--$3,434.65                       Stallion Donor Payout: $1,144.88
2nd--$1,962.66                      Stallion Donor Payout: $   654.22
3rd--$1,472.00                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   490.66
4th--$   981.33                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   327.11
5th--$   677.94                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   237.97
6th--$   490.67                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   163.55
7th--$   392.53                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   130.84
8th--$   392.53                       Stallion Donor Payout: $   130.84
9th--$   187.50                       Stallion Donor Payout: $     62.50
10th-$   187.50                       Stallion Donor Payout: $     62.50 
Why Not Nominate and join Mid-West Hackney and see why is pays to raise and show young Hackney Ponies!

We invite you to look over the information on our web site. and check out the futurity classes at the 2017 Illinois State Fair to see what wonderful opportunities are available by owning a young Hackney pony!