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News Updates will be posted on this page. Please keep checking back to keep up to date on the happenings in the
Mid-West Hackney Association
and Futurity

 Mid-West Hackney Spring Sale, 2015 is a "go"!
All the information will be posted on a separate page on this website, so please keep checking for new information.  April 11th is the date and consignment information will be added in the next few days. Check out the 2015 Spring Sale page for information or feel free to contact Mid-West at 815-638-2071 or asb10@earthlink.net for any questions you might have.  Hope to see you there!
(Posted 2-10-15)
 2015 futurity nominations were mailed out on 1/10/15 and 1/12/15.  If you do not received yours by 1/16/15, please let us know.  We have no control over how fast the post office delivers things and most should be received by this date.  Along with your futurity nominations, the membership form, trophy sponsorship form and a list of the deadlines for the futurity nominations are included with this mailing.

New futurity deadline rules for 2014 and beyond!!!   Please read.

The current deadlines for the Mid-West Hackney futurity nominations will remain the same--January 31st for first nomination fees for yearlings, two year olds and three year olds.  April 10th--second nomination fees on yearlings, two year olds and three year olds.  First nomination fees on 4/5 year old jackpot ponies.  All mare and stallion nomination fees due.  May 31st--second nomination fees on 4/5 year old jackpot ponies and full payment due on weanlings.

However, starting in 2014, if these fees are not paid on or before their due dates, nominators will be given the opportunity to still make the payments with a 30 day grace period attached, but an additional $25.00 penalty fee will be charged on each pony nomination.  So, if you make your first nomination payments on your yearlings, two year olds or three year olds, there will be no changes.  If these nominations are not made by the January 31st deadline, you will have an additional 30 days to make these payments, but you will have to add on an additional $25.00 for each nomination you make within this 30 day period.  If no payments are made at the end of this 30 day grace period, the pony/ponies will be dropped from the futurity.
If you make your first nomination payments, then the cycle will start over for the April 10th due dates and again, if payments are made on time, there will be no penalty.  If these are not made on time, then again, you will have a 30 day grace period in which to make them plus the $25.00 penalty fee per pony or they will be dropped from the futurity. 
We will be going by the postmark on your nominations to determine the date and not when you dated your check. Most of the nominators have been very compliant with our current dates, but although we have tried to give some flexibility, a few have taken advantage of this, so these new rules were put into place by the Mid-West Hackney board of directors to make it fair to all. There will be no exceptions to these new changes. If you have any further questions, please contact one of your Mid-West Hackney board members.


Now Available!

Thanks to the generous donation from Dom Scarpa, High Gait Farm, we have available two sizes of Hackney decals. These decals are a great way to promote the breed and would fit on your horse trailer, vehicle or any other way you choose to use them.  There are two sizes: a 6 inch round decal and a 10 inch round decal and each has a peel-off backing that will adhere to any surface you need to display them on.
An example of the decal is pictured above and we have also added a form on this page for orders.  It's a great way to promote the breed and all proceeds from the sale of these decals will go to the Mid-West Hackney Association to help promote our activities.  Order yours today!


Remember that we will post your "for sale" items and also business card information on our website for free. 


Hackney Decal Order Form

Be a part of the Mid-West Hackney Association!

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Mid-West Hackney Futurity
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