The Mid-West Hackney futurity began in 1954 with a small group of Hackney Pony breeders who were looking for a venue to promote and increase the showing of Hackney ponies in the Middle West.  February 26, 1955 was the first Annual Meeting of the Mid-West Hackney Association and the formula for the futurity was set up.  The first futurity classes were held at the Illinois State Fair in 1954 with four classes.  The futurity has grown over the years to include 17 different divisions starting with weanling classes and progressing with classes for yearlings and two year olds shown in hand and a two year old harness class. Three year olds can be shown in five different divisons: Hackney pony, Harness pony, Roadster pony, Pleasure Driving pony, and a new jackpot Country Pleasure Driving class.  The Mid-West futurity also offers jackpot classes for ponies that have been kept eligible over their younger years and these classes are open to four and five year old ponies. These four jackpot classes include Hackney pony, Harness pony, Roadster pony, and Pleasure Driving pony.