Below are the results of the 2020 Mid-West Hackney Limited Breeder's auction. There are stallions that are available for resale, so please check the listings for each stallion and contact Andrew Lamps 815-712-7702, Email: or Sheila Clouse, Email: for further information. We have listed the stallion, amount sold for, and the buyer.

Regal's Wildcat LF-- $350.00--Garry Brumm

Highly Respected LF--$350.00--Gary Brumm

Regal's Majesty LF--$350.00--Nick Smith

Heartland Good News--$350.00--Ron Taapken

Mark's I'm The One--$300.00--Mike Herron

Heartland Fast Track--$300.00--Mike Herron

Dun-Haven Phenomenal--$500.00--Millie Crowley

WW Impressive Treasure--$300.00--Roger Lucas

Truly A Bachelor--$300.00--Roger Lucas

Leelanau's Styling big--$600.00--Jerry Elmer

The Romancer--$350.00--Dennis Fielder

The Boogie Man--$550.00--Dennis Fielder

Kokomo --$300.00--Lester Bontrager

Mr. Tin Man--$300.00--Caleb Bontrager

Truly Chosen--$1,600.00--Doug Lunn

Regal's showman LF--$350.00--Jim Spurrier

Truly Yours--$300.00--Ronet Murray

King William's Code--$650.00--  Name not available

Double Ought--$300.00--Karen Wood

Dun-Haven Dapper Dan--$300.00--Melvin Stoltzfus

Koal--$350.00--Jonelle Chovanec

Lighting McQueen--$450.00--Jonelle Chovanec

HeartlandThriller--$350.00--Sheila Clouse

Heartland Master of Disguise--$300.00--Rick Medd

Shake Rattle & Roll--$350.00--Norman Bray